We are please to inform you that the 2019/2020 Settlement Calendar has been released. Kindly go to the Downloads Section of this site and download a copy. To view the Calendar, click the link below.

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Market Operations held its 3rd Quarter stakeholder’s forum at a time when the need to ensure discipline is sustained in the Nigerian Electricity market. The forum, with the theme, “Rules Compliance for Nigeria n Electricity Market (NEM) Development and Sustainability” assessed the challenges faced by MO in a Market which is inundated by rules violation, which are the instruments available to MO within the confines of the law necessary to ensure a stable Market and strategies to improve the general performance of the Market Operator. Presentation papers from the just concluded Market Operations 3rd Quarter Interactive Forum. Click on the link below to view presentations.

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NOTICE OF INTENT TO ISSUE A TERMINATION ORDER TERMINATING THE RIGHTS OF KANO ELECTRICITY DISTRIBUTION COMPANY IN LINE WITH MARKET RULES 45.4 WHEREAS: 1. That Kano Electricity Distribution Company (KEDCO) is under suspension through Market Operator issued Orders TCN/ISO/MO/005 and TCN/ISO/MO/009. 2. That KEDCO has not remedied two Event of Defaults (Lack of Adequate Security Cover and Default in Payment of May 2019 invoice) which triggered the issuance of Suspension Orders TCN/ISO/MO/2019/005 & TCN/ISO/MO/2019/009. 3. Market Rules 45.4.1 states that:   Upon the occurrence of any of the events specified in paragraphs (a) and (b), the Market Operator may issue a Termination Order, terminating the rights of a Suspended Participant who is subject to a Suspension Order under which that Participant’s right to participate in the Market Operator

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KANO EDC Second Suspension 1. The Independent System Operator, on behalf of the Market Operator, entered into a Market Participation Agreement with Kano Electricity Distribution PLC (KEDCO) on the 6th of February 2015. 2. In the signed Market Participation Agreement, KEDCO agreed to at all times be compliant with the provisions of Clause 3.2 reproduced below: The Participant shall in accordance with the provisions of the Market Rules, Grid Code, Metering Code and the Market Procedures be compliant at all times, particularly by: i. Providing metering information in a timely manner and in the approved format in accordance with the Metering Code and the market procedures. ii. Security Deposit when so required of an amount established by Market Operator to serve as a form of guarantee of payment for all amounts due from the Participant to the Market Operator. iii. Settling in a timely manner any payment due

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